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    Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 183825U 32GB US WIFI model. WWAN card can be installed by buyer as the SIM slot is available

    Excellent handwriting capability!! Big PRO!

    Tablet was sent into warranty and recieved back as of 9/20/2012 Power button board was replaced with upgraded unit to fix power button issue. I read about this being common and is the only issue that I have heard of. The upgraded part fixes the weakness in the power button and will allow this tablet to perform flawlessly for years to come. FYI: I have not used the tablet since as I moved onto a more expensive Note 10.1. Each have their pros/cons.

    The tablet is in Excellent condition other that the wear on a couple of corners from taking the cover on/off, which is detailed in the pictures. Everything works properly and very well on this tablet and the screen is 100%.

    Tablet is ROOTED, with CWM recovery. I currently have CM10(4.1.1) flashed and running, however upon buyer's request can flash back to stock OTA 3.5(4.0.4) ROOTED. Please specify during purchase.

    I will be shipping the tablet with the original box. I also have the original box for the Lenovo Dock, but will have to add shipping due to it's size. That is if the buyer would like that box shipped as well. I can't find the Lenovo Leather folio box at this time.

    Included with the tablet are the following: Original accessories: Authentic Lenovo N-trig pen Pen lanyard and extra tips Wall charger Micro-USB cable Additional items included that I purchased seperately: Authentic Lenovo Leather Folio Case Authentic Lenovo Dock

    Please head over to my Swappa listing to purchase and see my positive feedback.
    Swappa For Sale: PFC877 Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet (Other)
    10-31-2012 01:02 PM

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