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    * Item Description :

    Hi all,

    So I recently replaced my Galaxy Nexus with a lije-new refurb. I am moving to T-Mobile and am offering the phone for free with assumption of liability on my VZW voice/10GB data plan for assumption of liability or outright purchase.

    The phone is a like new 32 GB LTE Galaxy Nexus with accessories (see below). My plan has just over a year remaining on contract, with a discount available in August, and a discounted rate on 10GB data that I got during Double Your Data (5GB plan pricing.). This is the closest I could get to unlimited data on a tiered plan.

    * Price :
    FREE with assumption of liability on my line
    $240 shipped device only (firm on price)

    * Condition :
    9/10 - only because it is a refurb and there is a very small, nearly inperceptible scuff on the top right hand corner of the phone. It is otherwise flawless.

    * Includes :
    450 min ($39.99)
    1000 MMS/Texts ($10.00)
    10GB Data ($50.00, - 5GB plan bought during Double Your Data promo)
    Upgrade Availability - 08/21/13
    Contract End - 12/21/13
    Galaxy Nexus 32GB (refurb)
    OEM Charger/Cable
    OEM Headphones
    3x OEM 1850mAh battery
    1x OEM 2100mAh battery w/back cover
    2-piece plastic snap on case with soft matte feel (some minor scuffs)
    ZAGG Invisible Shield screen protector (receipt included for lifetime warranty)
    Original Packaging

    * Item Location :
    Stockton, CA

    * Shipping Details :
    USPS Priority 2-day shipping included if phone is purchased alone without plan.
    Overnight shipping included to anywhere in US, excluding Alaska & Hawaii, if contract is assumed.

    * Payment Options :
    * Contact Info :
    You can contact me via any of the following methods:
    GTalk: andrewevans01
    Google+ (link in profile)
    Twitter: andrewevans01
    Email (GTalk handle @ gmail)
    PM through forums or reply in thread
    CIA trained carrier pigeon

    * Additional Info:
    If you want to assume liability of the line, you must be able to pass Verizon's credit check or any conditions of assumption of liability they might have.
    You can upgrade to unlimited Messaging for an extra $10 or to 900 mins w/Friends and Family for an extra $20 without renewing.
    If for any reason Verizon does not honor the Double Your Data pricing, the Upgrade Eligibility date, Contract End Date, or any other plan details listed in my post, you retain the right to cancel your purchase, no questions asked.
    I have been an AC member for a long time, most of my activity was in the Acer Iconia A500 forum. I have lots of AC friends on Google+.
    I can provide screen captures of my Verizon plan info upon request.

    * Photos:
    Pics available here. I can take more upon request.

    Thanks guys!
    11-03-2012 12:05 PM

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