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    Item Description : Motorola Triumph with Virgin Mobile + extra battery + skin
    Price : 175$ OBO
    Condition : Pretty good/Fully Functioning (ROOTED) (read additional details) Camera has had screen protectors or tape over it to protect the lens for most of it's life. Battery panel does have a hole drilled in it(intentional, for a secure holding strap)
    Includes :Phone, 8gb SD card(loaded with APK files for games and apps) Wall Charger, Micro DS card adapter(to regular sized adapter) Original Manuals and Receipt. Also has the custom "carbon fiber" skin from the android central store and a screen protector ON it.
    Item Location : Hebron MD
    Shipping Details : You pay for item, I'll ship it out(cost of shipping included in my initial price). USA ONLY.
    Payment Options : Paypal is preferred. I could accept check or cash in a well concealed envelope, but I would prefer paypal solely because buyer/seller protection and all.
    Contact Info : gracemccarter[AT]gmail.com (I have an android I use daily; I will reply promptly to emails, I use the android central forums APP so DMing me is not a great way to get hold of me)
    Additional Info: Running CM7.2
    Apps on Micro SD to install:
    Beautiful Widgets
    Cardio Trainer Pro Features
    Cerberus.ZIP(for root installation)
    CM7-TG-Reloaded.zip(in case you need to reinstall the rom for whatever reason)
    Doodle Jump
    Flashcards Buddy Pro
    Gameboid (Not in app market anymore!)
    Minuteschecker (a GREAT app for VM users)
    MTGtracker Pro
    My Classic Pet Beta
    Paper Camera
    Pokidex extras
    Pokedroid Pokedex (not in market anymore)
    Recforge Pro
    SAS Survival
    Sketchbook Mobile Pro
    Slideit Keyboard
    Spirit HD
    Survive Japan pt 1

    Motorola Triumph Rooted running CM7.2-2012-11-14-17.53.10.jpg
    Motorola Triumph Rooted running CM7.2-2012-11-14-17.49.53.jpg
    Motorola Triumph Rooted running CM7.2-2012-11-14-17.50.17.jpg
    Motorola Triumph Rooted running CM7.2-2012-11-14-17.50.35.jpg
    Motorola Triumph Rooted running CM7.2-2012-11-14-17.51.45.jpg
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