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    Item Description : This is a great phone but I am just looking for a change. It is in like new condition, I've had it in a Incipio case since day 1.

    Price : Looking to trade for a VZW Nokia Lumia 822 or HTC 8x (would prefer the Nokia)

    Condition : Like new 9/10 (only because it is used and not factory sealed other than that there isn't a scratch on it)

    Includes : Original Box with all original contents plus Incipio case

    Item Location : Central Florida

    Shipping Details : You pay yours and I'll pay mine

    Contact Info : The best way is to email me @ mtphillips21@gmail.com or respond to this post

    Additional Info: I know the Galaxy S3 is still $199 on contract which is the same for the HTC 8x and that would be a nice even trade but I like the Lumia 822. The Lumia 822 is only $49 on contract but I will take that as an even trade too, so my loss would be your gain. I know it will be a long shot finding a Windows 8 Phone on this site but my loyalty is here with Android Cental and I don't visit any other forums. I will upload pics later but this is my daily driver so i will have to do that from my desktop. Thanks for looking.
    12-25-2012 03:43 AM

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