1. cmags's Avatar
    Item Description : Sprint HTC Evo Shift 4G with slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard.

    Price : $80 shipped

    Condition : Screen is flawless - it has had a screen protector on it since day one, and I just applied a brand new one before boxing it up after upgrading. Couple small scratches around the outside edges of the phone from day-to-day use, but very minor. Backplate and camera lens are in great shape.

    Includes : Phone will come with original box and paperwork, screen protector, two cases (one is a real nice Seidio Active case with soft silicon wrapped in a hard case), two batteries and a battery & phone chargers, USB cable, and 2GB micro SD card. This is a great deal with all the included accessories!

    Item Location : Marietta, GA

    Shipping Details : Will ship USPS with delivery confirmation

    Payment Options : Paypal

    Contact Info : PM or email

    Additional Info: Phone is currently rooted and running Cyanogenmod 10 (which runs great but doesn't support the 4G radio), but can be changed to a different rom (Cyanogenmod 7.2 also runs great on this phone and does work with the 4G radio), or I can return it to completely stock software as from Sprint, rooted or unrooted. Buyer's choice - this phone is very easy to unroot, but quite involved in rooting. Leave a comment with any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

    Phone specs and additional information available at: HTC EVO Shift HTC EVO Shift 4G specs

    Photos: First picture below shows the screen before I applied the new screen protector to show it is scratch-free. Other pictures show the matte screen protector applied which helps eliminate glare and fingerprints on the screen and has a nice smooth feel.

    01-12-2013 07:37 PM
  2. JimHuff's Avatar
    If you still have this, I'm interested at $60. No disrespect intended by this lowball offer, but this is for one of my foster kids and the budget is really tight.

    02-02-2013 10:52 AM
  3. cmags's Avatar
    Thanks for the reply. Timing just didn't work out though. I got an offer for 80 locally on craigslist today as well and the guy came for it an hour ago.

    I do, however, have an LG Optimus S for sale as well, (haven't posted it yet) that I'm asking $40 for. Currently rooted running Cyanogenmod 7.2, but I can put on anything else or restore to stock. It's the purple version, and has included a 2GB card, charger and usb cord, and a pink hard/soft hybrid case. Let me know if your'e interested.
    JimHuff likes this.
    02-02-2013 02:56 PM
  4. JimHuff's Avatar
    I'm glad you got your price. I'll take the LG for $40 shipped. PM me your PayPal and I'll send the $ and my shipping address. It would be great if you could send it rooted/stock.

    02-02-2013 05:53 PM

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