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    Brand new Vehicle Navigation Dock for Motorola Photon Q, still sealed in OEM packaging. This dock allows for you to to mount your Photon Q in the car using a suction cup on the window and charge while using the phone for music and navigation. The phone will recognize this dock and automatically switch to Car Mode for safe phone use while driving. It includes an insert for the dock to use the phone without a case, or it can be removed to allow a cased phone to fit as well. This retails for $60 from Motorola, and I had ordered it before having to return my phone because the LTE didn't work in my neighborhood. I am also throwing in two screen protectors and a full phone Extreme Guard protection film. This will protect the phone and screen from scratches but not increase the bulkiness of it like other cases will.

    $40 shipped anywhere in the US.

    04-15-2013 08:01 PM

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