1. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    Item Description: Razr Maxx HD
    Price: 375.00
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Verizon
    Condition: Like New
    Includes: Phone Only
    Item Location: Cincinnati, OH
    Shipping Details: Standard UPS, Unless buyer request otherwise
    Payment Options: Paypal gift unless buyer wants to pay fees.

    Additional Info:

    This is a awesome phone. There is nothing what so ever wrong. My girlfriend simply found the phone to complex for her and decided to go back to her iphone. I myself have this phone for and it is great, awesome battery life with a huge screen. I just dont have the need for a extra one laying around collecting dust. I would be open to trade if the phone is right as well. Feel free to msg me for additional info. Thanks!!
    Attached Thumbnails Razr Maxx HD, Like new.-img_20130630_204318_716.jpg   Razr Maxx HD, Like new.-img_20130630_204348_105-1-.jpg   Razr Maxx HD, Like new.-img_20130630_204422_942.jpg   Razr Maxx HD, Like new.-img_20130706_210942_045.jpg  
    07-07-2013 01:27 PM
  2. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    Ah, just noticed I have a couple screen protectors I'll through in too. They are anti-glare ones sold by Verizon. Thanks.
    07-07-2013 08:08 PM
  3. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    07-08-2013 08:49 AM
  4. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    07-08-2013 12:35 PM
  5. neonworm's Avatar
    Would a droid razr m be a good trade?

    Posted via Android Central App
    07-08-2013 03:20 PM
  6. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    neonworm likes this.
    07-08-2013 03:44 PM
  7. neonworm's Avatar
    Why? It has the same specs but a smaller screen. And a screen that is not as good as the maxx hd's but is still pretty good.

    Posted via Android Central App
    07-08-2013 04:19 PM
  8. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    Exactly, why would I downgrade lol. I appreciate the offer tho.
    07-08-2013 04:22 PM
  9. neonworm's Avatar
    Exactly, why would I downgrade lol. I appreciate the offer tho.
    Thank you. I hope you sell your droid razr maxx hd! :-)

    Sent from my XT907 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
    07-08-2013 04:29 PM
  10. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    Thanks !!
    07-09-2013 03:35 AM
  11. kismet769's Avatar
    How about a 32 gig white GS3?

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
    07-09-2013 11:28 AM
  12. Tommy Clarkson's Avatar
    Mods please close.
    07-09-2013 01:09 PM

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