1. cheeta186's Avatar
    Item Description: I am selling my Maxx HD because I am leaving Verizon. The phone is in mint condition with almost no flaws and absolutely no screen flaws! The only noticeable mark is one in the top left corner (which I honestly have no clue how it got there) which I have included a picture of. This phone has never been dropped and has been babied since I bought it.
    Price: $335 - includes shipping and paypal fees.
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?: Locked to Verizon
    Condition: Mint, only one minor defect
    Includes: Phone, original packaging (minus sim card removal tool, I lost that in a move a while back), original charger (the one with 2 USB slots, not pictured), and a 16GB micro SD card (will be in the phone)
    Item Location: Madison, WI
    Shipping Details: USPS standard shipping (unless buyer is willing to pay for upgraded shipping)
    Payment Options: Paypal
    Additional Info: Willing to negotiate but please be reasonable
    Photos: Mint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.38.02.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.38.09.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.38.38.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.38.56.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.39.11.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.39.18.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.39.27.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.39.40.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.40.07.jpgMint Droid RAZR Maxx HD + 16GB SD card!-2013-08-31-19.45.13.jpg
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below.
    08-31-2013 09:12 PM
  2. mbar9607's Avatar
    trade for a 16gb nexus 4 unlocked and rooted with charger and diztronic case
    09-01-2013 01:00 PM
  3. cheeta186's Avatar
    Unfortunately I already have a Nexus 4. That's the phone I switched off of Verizon for. Sorry, thank for the offer though.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using AC Forums mobile app
    09-01-2013 01:19 PM
  4. mbar9607's Avatar
    Well damn... thanks for the response back
    09-01-2013 02:37 PM
  5. cheeta186's Avatar
    Price dropped to $330 to match my Swappa listing. I want to get this sold!
    09-01-2013 03:59 PM
  6. cheeta186's Avatar
    Price drop to $310, I want this thing sold asap!
    09-02-2013 11:32 AM
  7. mbar9607's Avatar
    You know you could use another nexus 4
    09-03-2013 08:08 AM
  8. cheeta186's Avatar
    Honestly, if I wasn't trying to cover my etf on Verizon with the money I'm getting from the phone sale I probably would.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using AC Forums mobile app
    09-03-2013 08:33 AM
  9. mbar9607's Avatar
    Got ya...its all good man
    09-03-2013 08:53 AM
  10. cheeta186's Avatar
    Sold! Please close the thread!
    09-03-2013 03:34 PM

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