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    OK, so they say the third time is the charm and I hope they (whoever "they" may be are right) because this will be my third attempt at posting this thread. The first time, which was absolutely my fault, it was put in the HTC One forum. On the advice of another kind member they suggested I move the thread to the Marketplace which I did and it was promptly taken down for rule violations. Again, totally my fault for not researching how threads should be presented in the Marketplace so this will be my third and final attempt at this but I have a very good feeling this thread will be in compliance.

    So, what I have are various items that can be used with the HTC One. Pics will follow but first let me explain what is included and the price I have come up with based on condition, use, original packaging, etc. I will also provide Amazon links for each item because they were all purchased there.

    The Items:
    - 2 Nillkin Thin Side Flip Leather Cover Case + Screen Protector (The case shown in the top pic is in virtually brand new condition, comes in the original packaging and has the screen protector which has never been opened. The other Nillkin case is not in perfect condition, does not come in the original packaging and does not come with the screen protector. In addition if you look at the upper right side of the second Nillkin case you can see the gray plastic showing through. This is because the rubber coating that binds the leather outer skin to the plastic case wore down. At the moment it is a very small area but I suppose it will spread over time. This would be a good case for work if your phone is subjected to light wear and tear.)

    - 1 Poetic Palette SLIM Premium Hard Case For HTC One (It's hard to see in the bottom pic but on the bottom right corner there is a slight mark on the case. This is from the rubberized coating starting to wear off the case and the hard black plastic is showing through. Again, at the present time this is a very small area but I suppose it will spread over time. Otherwise the case is in fair condition and comes in the original packaging.)

    - Brand new pair of OEM ear buds that came packaged w/ the HTC One + unopened bag of different ear bud sizes (These ear buds have NEVER been used and still have the clear plastic protective coating on each ear bud and the in-mic mute button.)

    - 2 HTC stickers that came packaged w/ HTC One (Personally I have absolutely no use for these but I know there are some die-hard HTC fans out there that would love to put these on their lap-top, bumper or whatever else you can think of to stick them on.)

    - 1 3'/0.9 meters Amazon Basics HDMI cable (I used it maybe twice. The cable is in like-new condition.)

    The Cost:
    Obviously I purchased these items at different times and the prices on Amazon have changed. Here is what I paid when I bought the items. Copies of the invoices will be provided upon request via PM:
    - Nillkin Cases @ $19.99 + $5.74 S&H (Cost on Amazon now is $13.88 w/ Free Shipping)
    - Poetic Palette Case @ $8.95 w/ Free Shipping (Cost on Amazon now is the same)
    - Amazon Basics HDMI Cable @ $5.09 w/ Free Shipping (Cost on Amazon now is the same)
    - Brand new OEM ear buds w/ different size ear pieces (These were free but they are selling on eBay for $11.99 + $3.50 for S&H)

    The Price:
    - 1 Nillkin Case in virtually brand new condition, in original packaging and screen protector: I paid a total of $25.73 for this item. How about $10.00?
    - 1 Nillkin Case not in perfect condition, no original packaging and no screen protector: I paid a total of $25.73 for this item. How about $5.00?
    - 1 Poetic Palette Case in fair condition: I paid a total of $8.95 for this item. How about $4.50?
    - Amazon Basics HDMI Cable: I paid a total of $5.09 for this item. How about $3.00?
    - OEM ear buds that came w/ HTC One: I got this item for free. Based on what they are selling for on eBay how about $11.99?
    - HTC stickers: I got these for free. How about I give them to you for free?

    Final Cost:
    $34.49 + S&H or Best Offer + S&H

    A Note On Shipping:
    My brother is a mail man. I would really prefer that you use the USPS website, pay for a shipping label and email it to me. This way I can get your package out ASAP because my brother will bring the package to work with him in the morning. Plus the U.S. Post Office has some of the cheapest shipping rates available. Also I have completed a transaction with another member on this forum and it went very smoothly. If you would like a reference I would have to check with this person first but I don't see any problem with him giving me a solid rating. In addition if you are interested in purchasing this package please contact me via PM. I have email notification setup when I receive a new PM so there is no need to post unnecessary info on the forum and please personal info only via PM.
    09-28-2013 01:52 PM
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    ^ BUMP ^

    There's really nobody interested in this package of HTC One goodies? Maybe my problem was turning the thread into a novel and nobody read past the first paragraph, however the end of the post has the most important info - the price - $34.49 + S&H or Best Offer + S&H. C'mon someone make me an offer. This stuff is just sitting around my house collecting dust. I promise no offer - no matter how low - will insult me. OK, I'm lying (to a certain degree) but try me out - you might be very surprised
    09-29-2013 05:00 PM
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    Sold. Thread closed.
    09-30-2013 06:28 AM

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