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    Condition: Mint
    Functions flawlessly
    Perfect screen condition
    No signs of use

    CONUS Only, $430 shipped PayPal Payment

    Color: White

    For sale here is a 10/10 MINT LG G2 for AT&T. This phone is rooted, and running Cyanogenmod 11 (kitkat version 4.4.2). It has been wiped clean and is ready for login. The phone comes with all in box accessories in box in like new if not unused condition. I decided that this phone is slightly larger than im comfortable with, and is the only reason im selling it. Should buyer want another software configuration all they need to do is ask!

    Damage Description / Repair History

    Device Modifications
    This device is rooted. Rooted
    This device has CyanogenMod installed. CyanogenMod
    Cyanogenmod 11 (12/21 nightly)

    Shipping & Handling
    This device will ship from: Elgin, IL. United States
    This seller will NOT ship internationally. No shipping outside of United States.
    Sellers are expected to ship within two business days of receiving payment.
    Standard shipping costs (ground shipping with tracking in the same country) should be included in listed price, unless otherwise stated in below description.
    This seller requires a PayPal Confirmed Address. If you do not have a confirmed PayPal address, get it setup before buying.
    USPS First Class

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