1. radyoactive's Avatar
    Selling my MINT black Samsung Note 3. I've had it for about 2 months but maybe used a total of 2 weeks. The phone has no scratches or nicks. The phone will include a brand new Samsung wireless charging battery cover, brand new Nokia charging pad, brand new Samsung S-View Flip cover, brand new Navy Caseology case, a mint black caseology case, and an extra Samsung USB wall plug and USB 3.0 charging cable. The ones that came with the phone are new in the plastic in the box.

    The phone has never been rooted.

    I will ship UPS ground within 24 hours and provide the UPS tracking number.

    I will consider a trade, mostly looking for a new/mint WHITE (maybe red) DROID ULTRA, Droid Maxx, Arctic Blue S4, plus cash with any of these. I would also prefer to have the box and accessories.

    I have several successful feedback transactions here and just sold a Droid Ultra a few weeks ago on AF. I also have 100% postive feedback on ebay and have been a member since 1998, eBay Feedback Profile for radyoactve. I also have feedback feedback Swappa, xda, http://forum.xda-developers.com/itrader.php?u=226428, Swapp Profile: RadYOacTiVe > Swappa, and on the AC boards.

    $650 Shipped, Paypal Only, Continental US only. Will ship UPS ground and provide the tracking number.

    Mint verizon note 3 with wireless charging cover/pad plus extras.-img_1401.jpg
    01-05-2014 12:47 AM
  2. radyoactive's Avatar
    Approved on Swappa so you know the ESN is clear!
    01-05-2014 01:05 AM
  3. wrich2005's Avatar
    You don't keep phones do you?

    Posted via Android Central App
    01-05-2014 11:31 AM
  4. radyoactive's Avatar
    LOL. I can't make up my mind which one I like, I like things about different phones. I'm on a Moto X right now but miss the bigger screen on the Ultra/Maxx. The Note is just a bit too big but love everything else about it.

    You don't keep phones do you?

    Posted via Android Central App

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    01-05-2014 12:41 PM
  5. blanier98's Avatar
    That's an awesome package your selling there. Good luck!

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    01-05-2014 05:53 PM
  6. MikeLip's Avatar
    Nice package! If you can't make a sale as a group, I wouldn't mind getting the wireless charging case. Good luck! Buyers, this is a guy you want to buy from!
    01-05-2014 06:16 PM
  7. radyoactive's Avatar
    Hey Mike,

    Check your PM's.

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    01-05-2014 06:21 PM
  8. mbar9607's Avatar
    bump for a great looking deal
    radyoactive likes this.
    01-05-2014 07:47 PM
  9. radyoactive's Avatar
    New Price before I drop it over on swappa. The whole package for $625 shipped!
    01-07-2014 11:40 AM
  10. mbar9607's Avatar
    this is tempting if i hadnt made the switch back to an iphone 5S
    01-08-2014 07:12 AM
  11. radyoactive's Avatar
    MBar...shoot me a PM if you want to try to work something out.
    01-08-2014 09:52 AM
  12. radyoactive's Avatar
    Bump for a price drop. $615 shipped. This is a steal at this price with the included accessories.
    01-08-2014 04:11 PM
  13. mbar9607's Avatar
    PM sent
    01-08-2014 04:45 PM
  14. radyoactive's Avatar
    Last price drop to $600 and will go on ebay on Sunday. I will give you guys first shot at it before updating the price on Swappa.
    01-09-2014 10:56 AM
  15. radyoactive's Avatar
    Sold, mods please close.
    01-10-2014 10:10 PM

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