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    LG G2
    Phone Status: Clean ESN. VerizonWireless version
    Physical Condition: Great condition. Has always had a screen and back plate protector since day 1 of use. Very little indentations at the bottom of the phone (pictured below) Overall 9/10 condition. Screen is in perfect condition.
    Working Condition: Works flawlessly. No issues encountered during use of the phone.
    Accessories Included: Comes w. all original items, which is the original box, cable and charger. Cable/Charger are still sealed and have never been opened.

    PRICE: $280 (Shipped and Paypal Fees included)

    Item Location : Virginia
    Shipping Details : USPS w. Tracking Confirmation
    Payment Options : PAYPAL Only.
    Contact Info : PM or nadecastro@yahoo.com
    Additional Info: I am selling my LG G2 because I just hopped on the Samsung Galaxy s5.
    Seller Info: I have sold on here before with smooth transactions. You can also check my ebay account "ndcx33". I have 100% Positive Feedback

    06-17-2014 09:10 AM
  2. nDroid3's Avatar
    After reinspecting the phone, I noticed this little scratch at the very top left hand corner:

    06-17-2014 10:18 AM
  3. aximtreo's Avatar
    Sent you a PM.
    06-17-2014 12:57 PM
  4. sanchitgrover's Avatar
    06-17-2014 09:28 PM
  5. nDroid3's Avatar
    SOLD elsewhere. Mods please close. Thank You!
    06-18-2014 06:38 PM

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