1. He123321's Avatar
    Trade: BlackBerry Bold/Tour for Sprint's network, plus $200 via paypal
    Color: Black
    Included: All oem box inserts, HTC leather case, HTC headphones, and BlueAnt Q1
    Condition: Used/Refurbished 9.5 scratch free
    Location: Wilmington, De
    Shipping: Parties will pay for their own shipping

    Additional Details: The Bold/Tour MUST BE in the same condition as my Evo. I can not ship 1st since I do not have a backup phone. My feedback is 100% positive, and can be found over at:

    Traxxas Traxxas Online Community - Search Results

    Sprint News & Phone Reviews from SprintUsers in my profile under the name of He123321

    eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices under the name of He123321

    Sprint car charger, and BB usb cord not included in the deal...

    10-20-2010 04:33 PM
  2. He123321's Avatar
    Please deleted...
    10-25-2010 10:00 AM
  3. chillidawg2001's Avatar
    How much would you charge without the Blackberry Bold/Tour?
    11-01-2010 12:37 PM
  4. He123321's Avatar
    Only selling local now.
    11-01-2010 04:55 PM
  5. way2evil's Avatar
    Hey I have a Bold I am trying to trade for an Evo. Please email me way2evil1 at gmail.com or call/text 6312198809. I have 70 positive feedbacks on ebay.
    11-29-2010 03:59 PM
  6. Chris Kerrigan's Avatar
    OP wants thread closed and has stated only selling local. Thread closed.
    11-29-2010 04:28 PM