1. achiquitachaser's Avatar
    Item Description: Pebble Steel Matte Black w/ Leather Band
    Price: $130
    Condition: 8/10 (only because the leather band has been worn)
    Includes: Original box & all accessories, leather band and charger cable along with charger adapter
    Item Location: Jacksonville FL USA
    Shipping Details: USPS Priority (Overnight Express if trader pays for shipping)
    Payment Options: PayPal Gift
    Additional Info: I found another pebble but its still not what I'm looking for.
    Contact Info - Please PM or leave a commentBlack Pebble Steel w/ Leather Band-img_20141103_105453.jpgBlack Pebble Steel w/ Leather Band-img_20141103_105507.jpgBlack Pebble Steel w/ Leather Band-img_20141103_105513.jpgBlack Pebble Steel w/ Leather Band-img_20141103_105532.jpgBlack Pebble Steel w/ Leather Band-img_20141103_105538.jpg
    11-03-2014 10:59 AM
  2. worldspy99's Avatar
    Interested. Sent you PM. Thanks.
    11-03-2014 05:01 PM
  3. achiquitachaser's Avatar
    Sorry I'm firm on $130. This same one goes for $199 new without the steel band, so I know the price is fair. Thanks for the offer though

    Sent from my Z30 using Tapatalk
    11-04-2014 05:20 AM
  4. achiquitachaser's Avatar

    Sent from my BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps using Tapatalk 2
    11-06-2014 09:42 AM
  5. MHBlink8's Avatar
    Bump for an amazing deal. In fact both CNET and The Verge named it the best smartwatch you can buy. Seriously, snatch this up!
    11-07-2014 01:45 PM
  6. neonworm's Avatar
    You might want to also post this on Connectedly.
    11-07-2014 02:02 PM
  7. mbar9607's Avatar
    i wish the price wasn't firm, id like to try a smart watch since i've never really been a watch person but would like to try one with all the features they offer
    11-09-2014 07:50 PM
  8. achiquitachaser's Avatar
    Thanks though the Pebble has been sold, MODS please close this one up.
    11-09-2014 09:03 PM

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