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    Item description: For sale is a Samsung Galaxy S4 (white) for use with Sprint.
    Price: $225 Shipped / Insured
    Locked to Sprint
    Condition: 9/10 Kept in case since Day 1. No dings / scratches.
    Includes: Included is the original box / paperwork, the S4 Phone, a UAG White case. Also includes a brand new 2nd OEM Battery / White Battery Cover & a wall charger. ** I do not have the original White charger or Ear phones that came with it.
    ** Battery replacement was a warranty replacement for my Dad's phone, but they sent the wrong one to him (He has the blue phone, they sent him the white one) so I got it. Never installed or charged. Still in the bag. Original battery still holds a charge just fine.
    Location: Arizona
    Shipping: USPS (Included in price)
    Payment options: Prefer a Money Order (Would consider Paypal)
    Addition info: Phone is in very good condition. Clean ESN. I kept it in a case since day 1. No scratches on screen. I just did a complete factory wipe / reset on it. ** Phone was rooted w/ custom ROM. I have returned it to Factory condition. **
    Contact info: PM or Post Below - DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL IN THE FORUMS

    WTS - White Sprint Samsung Galaxy s4 + extras-imgp1648.jpg
    01-11-2015 01:24 PM
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    01-12-2015 02:45 PM

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