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    Item Description: two Galaxy S3s for parts

    Price: sell, trade, barter....

    Carrier Locked: 1 to ATT, 1 to Verizon

    Condition: Pretty good but not working properly

    Includes: Stuff, see below

    Item Location: KY

    Shipping Details and Payment Details: to be worked out

    Photos: See below

    Contact Info: please PM or post below (do not post your email address)

    Ok, here's the deal... I have a red ATT S3 that looks good and works great EXCEPT the screen will not respond to any touch input. I also have a blue Verizon S3 that was working great until one day it just would not power up. No idea why. Tried charging and different batteries but no good.

    Both are good to activate should they get fixed. I also have several accessories to go with them. This is an All or Nothing deal. Shipping would cost too much to break up.

    You will see below all that I have. If you need better pics or descriptions, please ask. Sell or trade, make offers. The phones I currently have in the house and might take trades on accessories are:

    Iphone 6 plus
    Note 2
    Note 4
    Nexus 7 2013
    Nexus 5
    HTC Windows 8x
    Motorola Moto G x2

    I will also be adding other android phones and accessories soon to the Marketplace... Have several I just need to get rid of...

    This is a blue screen protector. Has blue around the edges to match the blue Verizon S3...

    Take a look. Feel free to make reasonable cash or trade offers...


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    Please close and delete thread. Thank you!

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