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    I want to trade or sell my Sprint Nexus 6 32GB Midnight Blue for a Sprint Moto X (2013) of any color or sell it for $575.

    Some background:
    This may sound weird but I have found that I just simply can't hold the Nexus. I bought it off contract for the full $650 in November. I dropped and shattered the screen about a week ago. I then sent it to Motorola and received a like new moto certified device. With my contract expiration occurring in the next 7 months, I have decided to go ahead and sell the Nexus and use an older device until the upgrade. I would love a Moto X (2014) edition but Sprint doesn't support this phone. I have tried the Nexus 5 and had no success getting one activated on Sprint (even with three different tries) so that's out. So, looking for the software I want at the size I want that is compatible with my service, I find I am left with just the Moto X(2013).

    Terms of Trade:
    Therefore, I am looking to trade or sell this, otherwise wonderful, phone. I would like to exchange my Nexus 6 for either a Moto X in 6+/10 condition and $400, a Moto X and a Moto 360/LG G watch R in 8+/10 condition and $100 or a Moto X a Pax Ploom (I know it is off topic but it is an option if someone has one and the phone) and $150. If you are just in the market to buy a Nexus 6 that looks fresh out of the box, I can sell it for $575. I will also consider reasonable offers too (I am looking to buy a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones soon. Hint, hint).

    What the phone will come with:
    I will include the fast charger and the OEM cable as well as two cases. One is a blue Androidifeid TPU case by Cruzerlite and the other is a more protective case. Detail of the latter here For Motorola Google Nexus 6 Slim Shockproof Bumper Clear Front Case Back Cover | eBay. I will not ship the SIM card with this phone.

    Phone Condition:
    The phone itself is, as Moto calls it, in "Like new" condition. To the best of my ability, I cannot find a single scratch/chip/mar of any sort anywhere on this phone. I will include pictures tomorrow evening.

    For payment I can accept PayPal. Immediate payment after details have been agreed upon is appreciated but I will obviously not ship until I receive payment. I will also list this device on eBay and will link that sale here if you prefer to do it that way. I would prefer to do it on here because eBay takes 10% and PayPal takes 3% of the sale price.

    • If trading, I will pay for my shipping and you, yours.
    • If selling, I will still pay for shipping.
    • Shipping I will pay for will be a USPS small flat rate box.
    • I don’t know why you would want it internationally since it is a Sprint phone but I will only ship to the U.S.A
    • If you want faster shipping or more options than the flat rate box provides then you will have to pay the difference.

    Let me know if you have questions.
    03-19-2015 04:34 PM
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    Just realized I posted this in the wrong thread. Not sure how to remove or move it but I am going to make a different one in the right thread.
    03-19-2015 05:05 PM

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