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    ITEM: Nexus 6 Midnight Blue 32GB US Model

    CONDITION: Screen is cracked (would need replacement), superficial scuff on top left frame near damage. Body is otherwise in good condition and in great working order.

    SHIPPING: Flexible based on your needs (no international, US only please)

    PAYMENT: PayPal

    PRICE: $150 or BEST OFFER (OBO) PM pleae

    OTHER: I had this since shortly after launch last year. Screen is cracked (full picture link posted), but otherwise the phone is in good condition for a phone that's 13 months old (was in a case mostly). Battery degradation is minimal for a phone used constantly for 13 months (I didn't abuse the battery) and it pretty much holds the same charge now that it did when new.

    Phone runs great, theSoC has the highest PVS rating actually. GB score below isn't the highest I've seen... and it has scored as high as 92K on newest Antutu version. I mostly included it to show that the phone still ran AND wasn't messed up. Dropped it about a week after I got the 6.... had it out of the case as I was playing with it in a Viewmaster. Very sad to see it go.

    I'll even load whatever supported Android version your heart desires (even the latest N if you are of the inclination).

    Motorola Google Nexus 6 [US Model], Blue, 32 GB, Cracked Screen-img_20160318_132240.jpg
    03-18-2016 01:54 PM

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