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    Last month I went through a few refurbs from verizon and they eventually sent me a brand new phone 2 weeks ago. Well today I got the Thunderbolt so I will be selling the X, I also have it listed on Craigslist, here is the details of everything!

    The phone is running apex 1.4.1 and lasts for 2 days with moderate use on the extended battery, 36-52 hours depending on use. The stock battery last for 16-28 hours depending on use. The 16 gig memory card is new, I used the card from my old phone so other then testing that it works is was put back in the box. Both batteries will be fully charged. I have the original packaging and books that came with it new.

    The media dock was used every day or 2 for 5 months when I charged the phone at night, looks new and the power cord is unused as I used the one from the phone. I have the original packaging and book that came with it new.

    The HDMI cable was used 1 time to hook it up to my TV and test it out, worked fine, it is also classified as a "high speed" HDMI cable. Not sure what the difference is between that and a regular cable but I figured I would add that, Cable is 2 or 3 feet. No packaging just the cable.

    The extended battery comes with its own back as the battery is slightly thicker then the original one, you can see the posts are a little longer, the original cover does fit with the extended battery but it is a little tight. it does not really add any thickness to the phone and it is not even noticeable. I have the original packaging that came with it new.

    The car charger is a cheap off brand but it works. New never used. No packaging for this.

    I also have the vehicle mount that I just bought for $35 plus Ma sales tax (6.5%), never been opened, If you want that for an extra $35 you can take it if not I am just going to return it and get my money back!

    So in all you are getting the phone and everything that came with it new, extended battery/back, media dock, HDMI cable and a car charger with the option to add the car dock for $35

    My price is $375 plus shipping of choice from 01960, if you are in the New England area I will pay for Priority Mail shipping in the price, I will also pay for any insurance or tracking if not included in your chosen shipping method.

    you can check my feedback score on ebay where I have been a member since 2001. I will also send you the medi # if you would like to check it before hand or meet at a verizon in the Peabody Ma area to complete the deal.

    contact me here through PM or email me dubge (@) comcast.net

    If you dont want/need the 16G memory card I will give it to one of my kids and knock 10-15 bucks off the price
    03-19-2011 12:04 AM
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    sold thanks!
    03-19-2011 09:41 PM