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    Item Description:For sale is an Asus Zenwatch 2. Its in good condition with minor dings on the body and a visible scratch on the screen that is covered by the Skinomi screen protector. This is the older model Zenwatch 2 so it DOESN'T have the quick charge capabilities like the newer model. I'm selling it because I bought a couple of Pebble smart watches and no longer need the Zenwatch 2
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?:N/A
    Condition: Good Condition to be safe 7/10
    Includes:Box, Asus Zenwatch 2 49 MM 2 Asus charging cables, charging brick, 5 Skinomi screen protectors, mesh band
    Item Location:Muskogee, OK
    Shipping Details: *USPS Priority with signature confirmation
    Payment Options: PayPal Gift
    Additional Info:
    Photos: **
    Contact Info - Please PM or post below (do not post your email address)
    06-30-2016 11:49 AM
  2. faith3935's Avatar
    06-30-2016 11:49 AM
  3. faith3935's Avatar
    Bump! Price lowered to $115 plus free shipping.
    07-01-2016 11:26 AM
  4. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Free bump. Good luck with your sale.
    07-02-2016 08:40 AM
  5. faith3935's Avatar
    Thanks. Now including one piece Military green nato strap and a protective cover for the Zenwatch 2.
    07-02-2016 01:56 PM
  6. faith3935's Avatar
    Bump! A great Android Wear watch begging to be on someone's wrist! willing to sweeten the deal more by adding a Black Clockwork Synergy Band with quick release pins.
    07-04-2016 10:41 AM
  7. faith3935's Avatar
    Mods please close. Sold on Swappa.
    07-04-2016 03:55 PM

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