1. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    Got this hoping it would work with my iPhone eventually. Wore it twice but never connected it. It is basically like new.

    Price: $100 (Retails for $250)
    Condition: Like New
    Includes: Original box, cord, Charger etc*
    Location: North Dakota
    Shipping: free via USPS
    Payment: via PayPal
    Questions: Message me or post below

    Samsung Gear S2 Smart Watch (Verizon)-image.jpg
    sicario666 likes this.
    08-11-2016 08:17 AM
  2. sicario666's Avatar
    $100?! That's a steal! I'm sure you'll sell it quick
    08-11-2016 08:27 AM
  3. radyoactive's Avatar
    The extra band included?
    08-11-2016 10:31 AM
  4. chazglenn3's Avatar
    Will this work with Sprint?
    08-11-2016 11:17 AM
  5. JnEricsonx's Avatar
    If only this was set up so I could use Paypal Credit and as such get the 6 months to pay it I'd have bought it off you already.
    08-11-2016 02:47 PM
  6. ibcop's Avatar
    08-12-2016 06:49 AM
  7. RichardJTesla's Avatar
    This item is no longer available
    08-12-2016 12:32 PM

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