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    Hey Guys,

    Item Description : Perfect 10/10 Evo, black, minty fresh, immaculate as it was new.
    Price :$280 you pay fees and shipping / wanting to trade for epic or evo shift
    Condition : 10/10 like new
    Includes : Phone, battery, sd card, adapter, charger, data cord
    Item Location : Folsom, California
    Shipping Details : You pay what you want, most likely $15 for 2day usps
    Payment Options : only pay pal online, face to face
    Contact Info : on here
    Additional Info:

    I am trying to sell or trade my Evo, its black, clean esn, literally new condition, has been sitting in my closet for the past month or so, just started to use it this week, so as i write this it only has 87 calls on it total... its still a baby. Never used outdoors, so phone has no physical flaws what so ever! trying to get $280 if you pay for shipping and fees. Trying to trade for a minty fresh epic or evo shift, this phone is too big for me. You would have to ship first because this is my only phone, but don't worry i have numerous references, on here, androidforums, xda, sprint users, i am a trustworthy seller... never have scammed and never will, got my rep to uphold. o as well as my Ebay account. can give pics on request, but literally its like new, just picture a new evo. ha

    03-31-2011 03:52 PM
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    O and just so you know, its version 0004, just so you know its the newest version of the evo, and it shows it was just recently bought.
    03-31-2011 03:52 PM
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    Mods please close phone sold!
    04-01-2011 06:49 PM