1. TeckSupport05's Avatar
    Item Description : Motorola Xoom 32GB 3G/4G
    Price : $500 On 20 month Contract ($20 a month, with insurance), $700 off Contract
    Condition : Barely Used, immaculate condition.
    Includes : Charging Dock, Portfolio case (with a hole in the bottom for a charger cable) All Boxes (even for dock) and manuals, etc. I will even throw in an 8GB Micro SD card for when they update the software.
    Item Location : Westchester, NY
    Shipping Details : Free USPS shipping.
    Payment Options : Cashiers check, Square. Do not do PayPal anymore, unless I get a friend of mine to use theirs
    Contact Info: justinisloco@gmail.com

    Will post pictures of it soon. I have it at my job because I have the Thunderbolt now, and haven't used the Xoom as much. Just wanted a 4G device personally.
    04-09-2011 10:47 AM
  2. GardenStatement's Avatar
    What are you looming to trade for?
    04-15-2011 09:01 PM
  3. TeckSupport05's Avatar
    Sorry, actually sold it recently (for $100 over my asking price!)

    Mods can close
    04-18-2011 11:16 AM