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    Item Description: LG V30 Silver
    Carrier Locked or Unlocked?:Verizon
    Condition:Fair to Good
    Includes:Phone, box, charger cord, 2 cases
    Item Location:Utah
    Shipping Details: *USPS
    Payment Options:Paypal
    Additional Info:Phone is in perfect working order. It was used for 3 weeks, one of which was my teenage son. He dropped it in driveway, and now I am selling it before it is demolished. (He now has one of my old blackberries) I have pictured the damage as best I can. Screen is working great, buttons are great, fingerprint scanner is great, cameras great. Light scratches on screen. divot in glass on very edge on top corner, and small sub-surface crack on back as pictured. Any questions just ask. Priced 40-50 below used ones on Ebay. Cases are a Spigen blue and silver, and a zizo bolt with holster, green and tan.

    Photos: **
    LG V30 SIlver-35347216_1729616447107675_6740449029265555456_n.jpg
    LG V30 SIlver-35319055_1729617103774276_8803405478907346944_n.jpg
    LG V30 SIlver-35265870_1729617010440952_120338571247747072_n.jpg
    LG V30 SIlver-35247705_1729616980440955_1745117724297658368_n.jpg
    LG V30 SIlver-35401555_1729616857107634_7734064995658366976_n.jpg
    LG V30 SIlver-35270240_1729617060440947_3829248830860165120_n.jpg
    LG V30 SIlver-35406379_1729616827107637_6377656320048234496_n.jpg
    LG V30 SIlver-35272193_1729616947107625_7239662217770041344_n.jpg
    LG V30 SIlver-35297249_1729616917107628_9072315601807998976_n.jpg

    Contact Info - Please PM or post below
    06-14-2018 09:10 PM
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    Phone is sold! Mods please close thread! Thanks guys!
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    06-15-2018 12:26 PM

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