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    • Item Description: BlackBerry KEY2LE gold BBE100-5 unlocked (used on TMO) 64gb
    • Price: $350 USD
    • Carrier: Unlocked
    • Condition: Fine (can't find any scuffs or flaws)(and I don't mean just Fine, I mean, Dang, phone...you're fiiiiiiiinnnnne)
    • Includes: Original box, charger, screen protector, clear silicon case
    • Item Location: Chicago suburbs (if you're local, I'll meet at a safe place and forgo shipping)
    • Shipping Details: USPS Priority - $10 - US ONLY - not dealing with international right now
    • Payment options: Venmo or Zelle - NO PAYPAL
    • Additional info: Bought this on Swappa for fun. Great phone, but it's not going to be my daily driver, so I thought I'd give someone else a chance
    • Contact info: Post below or pm me.

    Just selling this KEY2LE I got on Swappa on an impulse buy. Beautiful phone, keyboard is a dream to type on. Used it for a week, and ultimately, it just isn't going to be my daily driver, so I figured why not give it a new life somewhere else instead of sitting in a drawer, unused.

    Been awhile since I sold on here, but have flawless feedback so purchase with confidence. https://forums.crackberry.com/buy-se...john_v-430170/

    Might be open to a trade for the right iOS device, but nothing below an iP8 (so don't ask)

    BlackBerry KEY2 LE gold BBE100-5 64gb-img_20200421_100745.jpg

    BlackBerry KEY2 LE gold BBE100-5 64gb-img_20200421_100828.jpg

    BlackBerry KEY2 LE gold BBE100-5 64gb-img_20200421_100953.jpg

    BlackBerry KEY2 LE gold BBE100-5 64gb-img_20200421_101027.jpg
    04-21-2020 11:11 AM
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    Sold on crackberry, please close
    04-23-2020 03:27 PM
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    [Thread closed]
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    04-23-2020 03:30 PM

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