1. vzwdj's Avatar
    Asking $780 or best offer.

    Might consider trades for Verizon compatible phones only, but you would have to add cash for lower value phones.

    Brand New Open Box 128GB HTC U12 Plus. In the real nice Translucent Blue Color. Unlocked for Verizon, AT&T , T-Mobile etc.

    Box is slightly worn on the outside, all accessories in box brand new sealed: Usonic earbuds, Case, and charger. Will also include nice slim clear silicone case and Glass screen protector which is applied.

    Never activated, just turned on a couple times to play around with and then reset.

    PMBrand New HTC U12 Plus 128GB Translucent Blue+ Extra - OBO!-00v0v_cn1tr3zjyus_600x450.jpgBrand New HTC U12 Plus 128GB Translucent Blue+ Extra - OBO!-00g0g_64xmzsmm0ql_600x4502.jpgBrand New HTC U12 Plus 128GB Translucent Blue+ Extra - OBO!-00404_dljv2flfx9w_600x4503.jpg me with questions or offers
    08-20-2018 08:34 AM
  2. vzwdj's Avatar
    Bump...will listen to offers....thanks
    08-21-2018 10:17 AM
  3. vzwdj's Avatar
    Will take $740 if purchased today!
    08-22-2018 08:49 AM
  4. krazyatom's Avatar
    I have google pixel 2 xl 128gb panda google edition for trade. Let me know.
    08-22-2018 11:47 AM
  5. vzwdj's Avatar
    Thanks for the offer, but not really interested in a pixel 2XL right now....looking for devices with at least 845 processor. Only way I might have considered if the 2xl was new like my U12 and if you added cash to even it out, as 2XL is 2017 flagship and is already selling for less in many places. Thanks for the offer though...if you sell the 2xl and want to purchase let me know.
    krazyatom likes this.
    08-22-2018 11:57 AM
  6. vzwdj's Avatar
    Bump...willing to listen to reasonable offers....Thanks!
    08-27-2018 03:27 PM
  7. Bl00dRunzC0ld's Avatar
    Didn't you sell this on Swappa? You have the same listing over there that sold in the 23rd.
    08-27-2018 05:06 PM
  8. vzwdj's Avatar
    Yes, this is sold...Thread can be closed...thanks
    08-28-2018 12:08 PM
  9. Bl00dRunzC0ld's Avatar
    Wow that's pretty sketchy
    blaine07 and krazyatom like this.
    08-28-2018 03:16 PM
  10. krazyatom's Avatar
    Wow that's pretty sketchy
    Maybe he’s selling more than one.
    08-28-2018 04:41 PM
  11. Bl00dRunzC0ld's Avatar
    Maybe he’s selling more than one.
    With the exact same ad, with the exact same accessories, word for word?
    08-28-2018 05:07 PM
  12. vzwdj's Avatar
    Nah, was only bc the buyer was having second thoughts and was considering returning... Then they decided to keep it.
    08-28-2018 09:50 PM

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