1. Jax112's Avatar
    I have just recently purchased a N9 and have several cases for my N8.
    Otterbox Commuter
    Punkcase Battery case
    Spigen Tough Armor
    Leather folio case
    Rockform Case
    Under Armour clear case
    UAG Plasma
    Zizo Ion clear
    Zizo Bolt black

    $50.00 but open for offers pay-pal only and i will pay shipping to anywhere in the Continental USNote 8 Cases for sale-20180901_095426-1-.jpg
    MarkC 609 likes this.
    09-04-2018 04:29 PM
  2. Jax112's Avatar
    09-07-2018 03:25 PM
  3. mak916's Avatar
    Are these still available?
    09-20-2018 06:34 PM
  4. MarkC 609's Avatar
    i want to buy
    09-25-2018 03:51 PM
  5. theraff43's Avatar
    how much for punkcase
    09-28-2018 07:05 AM
  6. Jax112's Avatar
    sold all cases moderator please close thread
    09-29-2018 07:19 AM

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