03-08-2018 04:48 PM
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  1. Brett's Avatar
    I have seen countless threads about everybodies favorite apps but i don't think i have come across one listing their favorite widgets.

    here are my top 5:

    -a tie between weather widget donate and beautiful widgets (each one has somthing that stands out and makes it worth using)
    -weather bug (even though the widgets above tell you the same thing for current day, it just easier to click it and find out the forecast for the week or even just hourly)
    -laik agenda (a good reminder of whatever you have listed in the google callender)
    -advanced task manager (makes it easier to kill running tasks if i feel my phone is a little bit laggy)
    -pure grid calender (a great calender app to see events as a whole calender. though i have uninstalled it due to running out of space)

    on a side note though, does anybody know of a good alternative widget to replace the stock power control widget. i was using the widgets that came with beautiful widgets but i uninstalled it for the time being because i am using weather widget donate currently. i want something a little bit more visually appealing than the stock one.
    01-09-2010 03:58 PM
  2. azjerry's Avatar
    I use the battery widget from mippin.com which allows you to adjust Display, GPS, WiFi and BlueTooth.
    01-09-2010 04:41 PM
  3. Zerazac's Avatar
    1. Facebook

    2. NFL Mobile

    3.Pure Calendar

    4. (GPS,WI-FI,Bluetooth)On-Off switches

    5. Google Maps
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    01-09-2010 05:06 PM
  4. Zorro1's Avatar
    Battery Widget from mippin
    Airplane mode, wait, is that an app?
    Weather Eye, hands down the best for me.
    01-09-2010 11:29 PM
  5. Ripjames's Avatar
    HTC Battery widget
    HTC Switch widgets
    DigiClock Widget
    Pure Calander
    Mixzing Widget
    01-09-2010 11:37 PM
  6. mostendorf34's Avatar
    Beautiful Widgets

    More Icon Widgets

    Pure Calender



    I also enjoy the texts from last night app which has a widget and use the wifi, vibrate and silent toggle widgets from More Icon Widgets and the Bluetooth toggle of Beautiful Widgets
    01-10-2010 12:26 AM
  7. Brett's Avatar
    ok now i have found a decent set of switches for wifi b/t silence and brightness settings. curve fish has a decent set and they are free with the option to donate. i definitely think these are more appealing then alot of the other alternatives out there. im still on the look for better but these will do good for the time being. i wish they had a vibrate switch as well but they don't.
    01-10-2010 04:19 PM
  8. tada1096's Avatar
    Ok just wondering what everyone best widgets are. here are some of mine
    Beautiful weather
    Pure calendar
    Astrid to do list
    Gaming buzz
    Mobile buzz
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    04-26-2010 10:19 PM
  9. Acroanidd's Avatar
    Beautiful Home, facebook, seesmic, xiialive and doggcatcher... im goin to throw in beautiful wifi cause its only one spot on the home
    04-27-2010 07:57 AM
  10. Magnious's Avatar
    Beautiful Home
    Contacts! Widget (Can be a pain in the butt to set up, but great afterwords.)
    AnyRSS Reader
    Pure Calendar
    04-27-2010 09:36 AM
  11. o2bnclemson's Avatar
    Pure Calendar w/Astrid
    Accu Weather
    04-27-2010 10:06 AM
  12. squint0241's Avatar
    Gents, can someone tell me where I can find an airplane mode widget (basically the specific name) through the android market that looks like the stock HTC toggle widgets. Thanks a bunch! I noticed quite a few in the android market, but I want one that looks like the originals as much as possible
    06-10-2010 09:23 PM
  13. mr.seth.price's Avatar
    Buzz Widget
    Stock google calendar
    HTC People
    06-10-2010 10:37 PM
  14. terpitude71's Avatar
    Beautiful widgets
    pure calendar/android agenda widget
    android central widget
    pure messenger widget
    extended controls (customizable toggle widget)
    06-10-2010 11:38 PM
  15. Lurch81#AC's Avatar
    beautiful widgets
    curve fish's on/off bluetooth/wifi
    loot premium
    pregnancy ticker(my wifes pregnant & i like to count down)

    anyone know if there is a good gps toggle that works like the wifi/bluetooths how it turns on and off doesn't open settings for you to turn on yourself?
    06-10-2010 11:48 PM
  16. yomonk1's Avatar
    Settings Widgit
    HTC Time/ Weather homepage widgit

    I see many of you posting Pure Calendar. The app looks very nice, much nicer than stock HTC Cal, but is it compatible also with Outlook?
    06-11-2010 03:20 AM
  17. BetaRoc's Avatar
    Knew there had to be a thread about this somewhere. Surprised it doesn't have more activity.

    My Favs: (so far; only had the phone a week)

    Android Central (duh) lol
    Mini Info!
    Smooth Calendar
    Score Mobile
    08-06-2010 10:15 PM
  18. scramer's Avatar
    in no particular order....

    Mini Info
    beautiful widgets
    android central
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    08-06-2010 10:21 PM
  19. BetaRoc's Avatar
    I like the Dazzle widget. Thanks
    08-06-2010 10:28 PM
  20. RIMMAN's Avatar
    Google search
    Score Mobile
    HTC People
    08-06-2010 10:28 PM
  21. braj's Avatar
    CalWidget 4x3
    GTasks Large
    Retro Clock/Retro Date
    Weather Bug Elite w/ no background
    Power Control
    LauncherPro Bookmarks (especially now we can resize it, have it @ 4x3)
    08-06-2010 10:32 PM
  22. braj's Avatar
    I do not understand the Google Search widget when the Quick Search is locked to the find button, or is there something I'm missing? I have a Captivate, is this different on other phones?
    08-06-2010 10:35 PM
  23. braj's Avatar
    I like Dazzle, trying is instead of Power Control
    08-06-2010 10:39 PM
  24. braj's Avatar
    What is really cool is the resize feature in LauncherPro, you can make many of the widgets like Picture Frame large :0 to quickly show off a new baby etc, the WeatherBug Elite map can be larger, Some like Dazzle and Power Control can be made smaller to save some space, many possibilities. It doesn't work with everything but it is cool
    08-06-2010 11:36 PM
  25. RConcheiro#AC's Avatar
    In no order at all...

    Music Player
    Google Calendar
    Beautiful Home
    Google Search

    Those are what I use the most.

    I also have the Power Control, Goal Mobile (Spain), Advanced Task Manager (set for auto kill every 30 mins), and Tapatalk to Android Central.

    Sent from my Droid using Tapatalk
    08-06-2010 11:47 PM
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