1. dbpaddler's Avatar
    So I kinda like the My Day thing, but everything I do is associated with my Gmail account. And apparently Microsoft isn't down with that. It only seems to work with Microsoft accounts.

    Have a feeling I won't get any of their productivity integration when everything is associated with Gmail. Not sure I'm happy about that.

    Also not happy I can't uninstall simple apps like spotify, teams and such. I'm a bit over uninstallable apps when they're only giving me 256gb and no expansion.

    And I can't find a way where I don't need to hit enter after entering my pin. Thought that was a standard option to avoid the extra keypress.
    10-01-2020 06:41 PM
  2. brau0303's Avatar
    I have the AT&T Branded Duo and I believe there is a Google Calendar App that should pick up your Gmail acct schedule, As to your pin issue, i use Fingerprint to log in. if you are being forced to use a certain type of authentication and you have a work based email acct on your device, you may be getting policies pushed to your Duo that will force some things to meet their Enterprise Security requirements.

    As to the No Expansion issue (it's not a show stopper) I found I had allot of duplicate photos and found it a great excuse to do a bit of housekeeping. I have a 128gb flash drive that have a usb-c connector that acts as a field backup and kind of expansion if needed.

    10-02-2020 06:48 AM
  3. dbpaddler's Avatar
    I'm not questioning Google functionality. The My Day is specific MS software and only has a login in for your MS account. So essentially My Day and it's other features are only available if you use Outlook for your scheduling, contacts and such. Which is a bit BS on an Android phone centered around Google services. To lock them out on their basic productivity app makes no sense.

    The pin without hitting enter is also basic Android functionality you select when choosing a pin. And you have to select a second way of unlocking when using a fingerprint. There are also instance when you have to use that like restarting the phone, when your print doesn't work after so many times and so on.

    And my point on storage was MS should be having a minimal amount of apps we can't uninstall. They are famous for their signature device builds with no bloat. But that doesn't carry to this I suppose where it's actually needed since there is no expansion and they gimped on the storage. In not complaining about the amount of storage. I knew that going into this. I'm complaining about bloat on a non expandable device when they rout no bloat devices elsewhere.

    This isn't my first rodeo here...

    And sorry to come off pointed. Always appreciate opinions and replies.
    10-02-2020 06:56 AM

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