1. MatroxD's Avatar
    Just wondering if any possibility I'm doing something wrong.. With my notes, I was able to connect external hard drives. And even, now that I think of it, at first this device, I was able to connect my 1tb drive. It said it had errors and required formatting.

    With that in mind, I purchased a 4tb drive today. Connected it, and absolutely nothing. I couldn't connect, but the light on the drive lit.

    Has anyone experienced this, or what's your thoughts?

    04-04-2021 04:32 AM
  2. Kizzy Catwoman's Avatar
    Does it show up in a file manager? Also when connected is there a notification in your notification shade referring to the hard drive. I would check if it shows in a file manager first.
    04-04-2021 07:55 AM
  3. MatroxD's Avatar
    Hi Mizzy,

    No, it no longer does. A flash drive does, b but not the external drive. It used to, but no longer.
    04-04-2021 04:45 PM

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