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    I recently ported one of my phone lines to Mint SIM. I was on T-Mobile so I sort of knew it would work, BUT I went through the process anyways. I downloaded this handy software to my Note 8. It told me that my phone was good for Mint SIM AND that I had good coverage. I knew already. I was then able to order my starter kit for 5 dollars. It came in about a week arriving JUST a little longer than my patience, BUT when it finally arrived I was set for my trial with some free minutes and data. I created a temporary account and number and tested the service for about 2 days. Calls were crisp and clear, and data worked well. I did not notice much difference from a regular T-Mobile account.

    Ok I was ready to sign up! I was able to sign up for a full plan and port one of my T-Mobile numbers. Mint did all the heavy lifting, and within a day or so I got a text on my other line (the main line) that I had cancelled a number. The other number still worked now assigned to Mint SIM.

    I have been using Mint SIM for about 1 month. I am very satisfied. The 10 GB plan at 300 for the year works well for me. Yea yea I'm a data hog! What's cool is that even if I exceed 10 I can STILL use data at reduced speeds! And with the cost savings over T-Mobile it's WELL worth it! Check out Mint SIM for yourself, just download the Mint SIM software on your Android or iPhone and then order a starter kit! They even credit you back the 5 dollars on your first plan purchase!
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    12-28-2017 01:10 PM
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    Good review... thanks for sharing!

    Their current 3-months-free promotion sucked me in, though I chose to get a new number instead. It’s hard to pass on $75 for 6 months of unlimited calling and messaging plus 10GB of data!

    I will be writing about my signup experience shortly. Suffice it to say, it didn’t go nearly as smoothly for me.
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    12-28-2017 02:59 PM

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