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    Hi guys, I recently updated my chinese dual sim phone to jelly bean. But the chinese guy who cooked the rom put a bunch of things in there.

    Its super annoying that everytime I get an sms I get a popup with the content and options to reply, delete, etc... i have no idea how to disable that. It works like ios!!!!! Aweful!!!

    Also the lockscreen wallpaper cannot be changed, and its an horrendous one. In fact I would like to have the ics stock lockscreen, but the jelly bean stock one is good enough.

    I'm rooted btw, and have a custom recovery so I can flash a. Zip file that could replace the apks

    Also a question, the bubbles (noisefield) live wallpaper does not work in jelly bean? I mean, I tried to install it, and tried to move it to the system/app folder (with rw-r--r--) and it does not work...

    Thanks in advance...

    Update: I managed to disable the sms popups (thank god) but still would like to have the stock ics lockscreen.

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    11-03-2012 03:42 PM

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