1. rizchaudhry's Avatar
    My OT 990 was got BRICKED while updating it to GINGERBREAD
    Now unable to anything with it. even my laptop is not reading it.
    Just got a beep once i connect or disconnect my OT with laptop.
    Once i re-insert a battery andrioid logo come and go with black screen,

    Extract the PACK1.rar, and move the files: recovery-clockwork-, RecoveryManager_v0.34b.apk and update.zip (don't unpack this file) to the root of SD Card.
    Turn off the phone... When it is off, get into fastboot mode (turning on the phone with the volume down button pressed, release the button a few seconds after it vibrates, don't let the android logo appear).
    Connect the phone to your computer via USB.
    Extract the PACK2.rar, and run install.bat and wait for the process finishes. If everything went well, the DOS window will close and the phone will restart. When it restarts, it will display the battery charging screen.
    Press a few seconds the power button and disconnect the USB cable, the phone will show the setup wizard... When you finish the setup, your phone will have a rooted 2.2 version (from Hungary).
    After step 4 its in this stage......now plz help can i get it back or ...............

    01-06-2013 02:55 AM
  2. laca130's Avatar
    Helo, download Sp flash tool, and you can unbrick your phone with the original files.
    01-11-2013 09:35 AM

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