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    Hello everyone. Really in need of some help and going someone can assist. I bought a phone on eBay this weekend which is the n9500 Star from Orient Deal. The phone was manufactured by a company in China I believe. I was told it can be activated on the Sprint network but when I contacted Sprint and gave them the imei #s I was informed that they wete not coming up in the system so they couldn't add them in order to activate the phone. so now I have a phone that can't be activated apparently...

    Does anyone here have any suggestions on how else I can go about activating this phone with my Sprint account?

    It is WCDMA/GSM. Sprint says they don't still sim cards as most of their phones don't use them. I didn't think about this possibility until after I had ordered the phone and it was already on its way to me...I need it for international travel as well.

    I would be grateful for and thoughts or ideas.

    Thank you kindly
    06-03-2013 04:06 AM
  2. Y1ngYang08's Avatar
    can anyone all your help or does anyone have any suggestions?
    06-03-2013 09:30 PM
  3. nikkimiller23's Avatar
    Sounds to me like the phone would work with any other carrier, other than Sprint.
    The problem is not that you have an international phone, but that Sprint does not
    use SIM cards, and therefore can not use that phone on their network.

    Easiest Possible Solution:
    1. Switch phone carriers. If you switch to a different cell phone carrier who uses
    SIM cards, you should be able to use your new Galaxy S4 equivelant.
    Otherwise, you're stuck with option number 2 which is,
    2. Get a new phone. You'll need to find a new phone that doesn't have a SIM slot
    to use on the Sprint network.

    Those are basically your only two options.
    Hope this helps!

    Best of luck!
    06-28-2013 09:17 AM

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