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    Anyone else besides myself tried this for their Event? I noticed someone else using this with their Rise. Decided to give it a try in the same way as another poster from Phandroid did (+ a few extra tweaks), and it's improved my phone quite a bit.

    The tweaks I applied further improve on the general smoothness of the home screen, and even some of my games and videos run more steadily. I think it backs off some of the memory settings slightly, so there's a bit more of the system RAM open. The 3G and WiFi performance is much better, especially when I use streaming apps like Pandora and tunein. I don't really do any video/audio streaming on 3G, though I decided to test it a little with the 3G tweak. That works really well, as long as there's enough signal to work with. The first screenshot has the debug logger turned off; I might put that back on, though having it off can speed things up a bit.

    I'm still not sure if I'll get the Pro version of this, as the free one already gives me the fixes I've been looking for. If anyone with an Event tries this, PLEASE DON'T APPLY THE KERNEL TWEAKS! I'm fairly sure doing that will brick the phone.

    Grab the app here:
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    12-04-2013 05:12 PM

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