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    I'm using a samsung galaxy 3v. I have a folder of thumbnails which I made on a windows computer using easythumbs. The folder also contains a html file linking to the jpegs with img tags. I view the html file in chrome and have used every method I can think of to rotate the images, gallery and a load of apps, but when I save and refresh, the browser still shows the jpeg in the previous orientation. I'll stress it's not the sd card issue as the folder is on the device. I have searched for the answer but as soon as I use the word rotate I get answers about something else. Thanks for any tips.
    03-22-2016 02:27 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The thumbnail shows the picture when you're looking at it in thumbnail mode. It has nothing to do with how the picture itself looks. If you want the picture rotated, use a picture editor, rotate the picture and save it that way.
    03-22-2016 08:37 AM
  3. lifemagic's Avatar
    Hi. I am OP. I didn't explain that very well. When I say 'thumbnails' I mean they are reduced versions from my camera. I.e. the originals are 3mb each and I made a set of reduced size 50kb each to make a fast loading webpage. The webpage is html in a folder with the pictures. After turning and saving them in a photo editor I'm then viewing them in chrome browser, which shows them as unchanged, despite the page being refreshed.
    03-23-2016 04:46 AM
  4. lifemagic's Avatar
    Ok it's getting weird. I put opened one of the images in aviary, rotated it and turned it black and white. Saved it. Opened it in gallery. It's rotated but still in colour. I refreshed the browser and it's completely unchanged, not rotated and in colour.
    03-23-2016 04:55 AM

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