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    Just an interesting thing I ran across with my new Vizio tablet. There is no way to store anything to or use the SD card except to plug it into you computer and write to it that way. By using that built in software and choosing an app, when you say move to SD card that tablet moves it to internal ram of which there is only 2.4GB available. I called tech support 5 times and every time they had no idea how to use the SD card for storage. They even suggested I use App2sd to move them and it still accesses internal ram only. After numerous calls, they said they may fix the problem but they can't guarantee that they ever will so they won't even say a time frame. They are trying to tell me that the operating system won't allow direct access to the SD card. I told them that was odd since my android phone has no trouble doing it.

    I can't believe anyone would release a tablet that can't use the SD card especially since they don't have that much internal ram available for storage. I'm crossing my fingers hoping they will resolve it but it doesn't sound hopeful.

    Has anyone else had any problems like this with a tablet?
    09-25-2011 12:30 AM
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    You can access it.

    I use Astro file manager. The SD card's folder is called "external". I move files too and from there all the time, and I watch videos loaded onto sd often too.

    Yes, app2sd seems to send the app to the internal memory, i'm not exactly sure how to change that, but so far as pure file storage and use, it is possible to access the sd card, it just takes some doing.

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    09-27-2011 11:26 PM
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    I am new to this android forum but I am curious as to how you move things back and forth? I am trying to store pictures on my SD Card and still view them from my gallery app. Can you do this or explain how? Or let me know where to go to make this happen?

    09-29-2011 03:50 PM