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    Right now I have a Core 2 Duo pc in the garage, and was going to somewhat convert it over to a jukebox. Now, after thinking about it, I wonder if there is any apps, mods, themes, rooted Roms that may make an Android (suppose even ipad) in to a touchscreen jukebox?

    The garage computer I have now actually came with a 3yr old or so $1000 Planar touchscreen (I got a bunch of free computer kiosks a while ago) which looks great for what it is etc, but I cannot get the touch screen to calibrate right. I've spent quite a few hours on it, short of actually calling Planar(which I might do).

    So, it got me thinking about selling my free computer, and buying a tablet that has a touchscreen already on it, and can still be used as a shop computer to some extent(web surfing, printing etc).

    Anyone know of good software/hardware?
    12-23-2011 12:14 AM