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  1. Captain Soap's Avatar
    I'm trying to decide which of these tablets to get

    Tablet #1
    Zenithink ZT-180 C1
    CPU: 1Ghz Amlogic AML8726-M (Cortex-A9)
    Ram: 512MB DDR
    Nand Flash: 4GB
    GPU: Mali400
    Flash: 10.3
    Type: Capacitive Screen
    Resolution: 800 x 480
    Visible Angle: 150
    Camera: 1.3MP front facing
    OS: Android 4.0 (ICS)
    Price: $119.99

    Tablet #2
    Build Excellent B76C
    CPU: 1.2GHz All Winner A10 (Cortex-A8)
    Ram: 1GB DDR3
    Nand Flash: 8GB
    GPU: Mali400
    Flash: 11.1
    Type: Capacitive Screen
    Resolution: 800 x 480
    Visible Angle: 120
    Camera: Dual camera, 0.3MP front facing and 2.0MP back
    OS: Android 4.0 (ICS)
    Price: $119.99

    I'm going to use it mostly for web browsing and a couple racing games (Asphalt 5 & Riptide)
    03-14-2012 12:06 AM
  2. urbantreckker's Avatar
    Just an opinion but although the second tablet has a technically faster processor I personally believe that the 1GB of RAM on the Zpad would lick the Cortext processor up in actual gaming speed(fps) seeing as though RAM is always critical to gaming tasks- particularly when there are no independent graphics chips/cards.
    Just an opinion...
    To update matters...after much experience ( and many headaches ) I want to strongly discourage any purchase of the new Zenithink zt 280 with Android 4.0.3 version installed. This includes the so called 'upgrade' model.
    My reasons are soynd and honest as folliws: The construction seema as highly xrafted as an ipad. However, don't let that fool you...nor the claims they offer up.
    The first issue ia the misrepresentation that the C91 operates at a frequency of 1GHz. It's an blatent lie. My new Zpad is a genuine artical but in its own system it gives the processor's range from 300MHz to 800 MHz. Upon further investigation with the manufacturer of the mobile ARM A9 processor in the Zenithink zt280 I found that 800 MHz is the MAXIMUM!! Thus, both Zenithinks and ,particularly Tablets- world.coms repeated references to 1GHz is a complete lie. Do not believe it.
    My next issue is that this tablet has the most UNSTABLE operating system I've ever come across. I absolutely LOVE Android and the stable variations. But...this 4.0 version causes constant freezing of the tablet requiring resets nearly every time it is used. I find that ALL THE APPS try to come on all by themselves AT THE SAME TIME. I have disabled some 8 of the worst offenders only to have another 6 to 8 take their turns. This should have NEVER BEEN RELEASED unless on a Strickly Beta release. The system is off the chain and nearly uncontrollable. DO NOT BE AN EARLY ADOPTER OF ANDROID 4.0+ VERSIONS. Stick with the 2.3 version which has been rid of bugs and runs most every app on the market in a very stable environment.
    I am extremely unhappy with this tablet and will likely smash it to pieces on the concrete rather than pass it off on some unfortunate person.
    Look elsewhere for a tablet. Zenithink tablets are a huge riak of your money. Stick with the big companies and tablets that at least have enough consumers to have a decent knowledge base forum for solid advice. Don't be a dummy like me simply to save money.
    04-03-2012 03:09 AM