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    I'm gearing up to buy a tablet for myself. My kids have the original iPad (gift from grandparents), so I know the pros/cons of iPad. I'm a die-hard Android phone user (currently HTC Rezound) and will likely stay with Android for a tablet for its customization abilities. I'm also very tied into Google for email, calendar and contact management.


    I happen to be a graphic designer who works on a PC. The allure of Apple doesn't affect me in the least when it comes to design work because the desktop technology is now an equal playing field. But I can't help but feel the tug of the Apple marketing spell when it comes to the iPad. I can't see myself sacrificing my must-have widgets and SwiftKey keyboard for the iPad, so I'm curious as to why some of you who also prefer Android phones chose iPad for your tablet.

    08-20-2012 11:03 PM
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    I didn't choose an iPad, but I know what you're going through. I own a macbook pro but have had an android phone since the G1 was released years ago. I've had plenty of time with the iPad 1 and 2, and I was really having a hard time deciding. The newest Apple OSX is mainly to sync more with iOS so that would make sense right? It's also the first to get the newest apps, and well...it's an Apple product. I was literally HOVERING over the button to buy it.

    But what's the point of a tablet without having plenty of memory? The 16GB new iPad is nothing now that their apps are larger to handle the new resolution. With the the ASUS Transformer Infinity, I got twice that for the same price AND it's expandable AND I can still customize it.

    I chose Android in the end. I've had the tablet for three days and I'm in LOVE.
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    08-24-2012 02:04 AM
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    I have been extremely frustrated this year as I have been waiting for a decent tablet to buy and its just not there. I fail to understand why all the tablet makers continue to let Apple have the market share. New hardware, latest OS, min of 64GB storage, LTE, big battery, etc. These things should not be that hard for these guys, they make phones that are far and away better than iPhone but refuse to innovate and make great tablets. Frustrating, very frustrating...

    10-08-2012 10:13 AM
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    I'm with you. I've had two android phones and am excited to upgrade to another. However, I'm in the market for a tablet and I'm leaning towards an ipad. Even though I don't find the apple hardware particularly exciting, and I'm somewhat repulsed by Apple's marketing and overall business strategy. I really want an Android tablet but I owned two previously (Xoom and Kindle Fire), and found myself frustrated with the lack of tablet optimized apps. It's been awhile since I owned a tablet, and the app situation may have improved. However, all of the tech reviewers continue to deride the lack of tablet optimized apps. Both the Kindle fire HD (8.9) and the Nexus 10 are really cool pieces of hardware.... I just don't want to buy another android tablet just to turn around and sell it back later. Maybe I just need to drop by Apple hate and bite the bullet on an ipad.
    11-03-2012 08:11 PM
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    OP here- I haven't made any decisions yet and am disappointed that the Google 10 doesn't have removable storage. My husband, who is NOT technically oriented, is getting the iPad 4 when it's released. I'll play with that and see what others think. The more I think about it, though, it's quite possible that most of the apps I use are indeed optimized for tabs. I don't play games. I primarily use Evernote, a few readers, Gmail and Google calendar, etc. If most of the productivity apps are tab friendly, I think I'll be perfectly satisfied with an Android tablet. I'll update when I decide.

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    11-03-2012 10:33 PM
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    I didn't choose an iPad, but I have jumped on the Windows Surface RT - neither the Android tabs or the iPads ticked the boxes I needed to make a full leap to a tablet. I do have a 1st gen Kindle Fire but that was mostly a Xmas gift, and I had been using it mostly as an e-reader - it has many limitations otherwise, including in web browsing and reliably using it when traveling. What I needed in a tablet is the same as what I needed in my netbook (which has gotten outdated), I do not have a traveling job, but I needed real portability while traveling to be able to access work documents easily, while also having full web and e-mail access. For this I do need a keyboard, but did not want the size of a full laptop...the Surface's design is PERFECT for that. Office and reliable Remote Desktop on it also what I needed. Also the fact it has a card slot and you can connect USB drives and other devices to it is a HUGE bonus. Apps are not as important to me for this purpose, although a good photo editor app would be nice (and I'm sure will be coming - have already downloaded one but not tested it out). And it is running quite smooth for me. Being able to sit on the sofa at home and browse the web for entertainment is a bonus. Hence I am loving the Surface.
    11-04-2012 01:32 PM
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    I picked up an iPad Mini and I must say that it is a great device. Light weight, slim, perfect portable size, and great battery life (also the non-retina display doesn't bother me at all). I love Android but their tablet experience is not as polished as Apple's. Also, there are way more tablet apps in iOS than there are for Android. I feel like I have a great pairing between my Galaxy S3 and the iPad Mini.
    11-06-2012 01:55 PM