1. cinek's Avatar
    need a cheap android tablet. Budget 150max. It needs to be 7"+, usable usb port (separate from the charging port) & has to have wifi & 3g, no other reqs really

    also needs to be available from a retailer like amazon, uk.insight etc. can't buy it from ebay

    it'll be used for basic browsing, no gaming
    01-29-2013 08:11 AM
  2. bdfull3r's Avatar
    I don't know how the price conversion works, but when you are looking for tablets with a full sized USB port, your options are limited.
    You can look into used or older model Toshiba Thrive or Acer Iconia 500. Newer models are pushing for thinner designs which means Full USB is one of the first things to do.

    The Archos 101 G9 is an option. It has a decent spec list (same processor as the Galaxy Nexus) and comes with Android 4.0 ICS so you won't be too far out of date but don't expect a Jelly Bean update. It sells for $249 American Dollars on Amazon
    Amazon.com: Archos 101 G9 16GB - Turbo: Computers & Accessories
    02-02-2013 01:37 PM
  3. rockstar1234's Avatar
    Try this one
    06-19-2013 01:22 PM
  4. lux aureole's Avatar
    I know some suggest the screen isn't great and the nexus better value but I have found the HP Slate 7 to work flawlessly and, unlike the nexus 7, fulfils your criteria.

    The screen isn't great outside and the volume through headphones is low (but all I've tried are so). All else been flawless.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-15-2013 03:57 AM

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