1. Archerdude's Avatar
    Ok I think I am talking for the masses her maybe not. I want 2 choices 7" and 10" in size. I haven't decided which size I want but anything under 7 isn't a tablet. I want a really bright crystal clear display. Full flash support. We can start with Froyo for now but I want 3.0 as soon as its available. I want full app market support. I want WIFI and I don't need a carrier. I don't need to make phone calls with it. SDHC card slot. Minimum 8 hours battery life under the most demanding times. I just want something I can lay in bed, sit in my big comfortable chair, or lounging around in my back yard cruzing the net, reading articles or checking in on my favorite forums like Android Central. I don't feel like our needs are being answered on this one. Provide me/us with what we want and we will buy. The magic price point should be $299 and $399. Make it and we will come.
    09-04-2010 01:33 AM
  2. tony bag o donuts's Avatar
    add a usb port or two and I would buy them.
    Need a computer for my son and thought this would be great, also for me being a pt photographer.....
    09-20-2010 08:08 AM
  3. slbailey1's Avatar
    The tablet needs to weight under 1lb. Also a browser that can fully use Microsoft's Office Web apps.
    09-22-2010 08:43 AM
  4. BoulderGeek's Avatar
    09-24-2010 02:32 PM
  5. bratdawg's Avatar
    I got the archol 7 and sent it back. Screen not very responsive.

    Love my 7" Wits A81E from Mp4Nation. Was $215 with gps.

    Look at the reviews on the Wits on Endgadget. It's worth your consideration.

    The USB is not built in - it has a jack and it comes with a dongle and they don't seem to have it quite working yet. Waiting for a firmware update, but they have a good rep for updating, so...

    I figured for the price, I could be quasi-patient.

    The screen is not capacitive but is still very responsibe and has great clarity imho - i'm used to an axim x5 tho. LOL
    10-07-2010 10:31 PM
  6. ThinkingDroid's Avatar
    We have the above coming out soon....currently in production, available in less than 1 month....will be priced at about $250......Company is ThinkingDroid, tablet called the Cloud.....

    Also has HDMI and custom keyboards, and other custom apps....PM me if you need more details or have questions...
    10-09-2010 04:47 PM
  7. rap1's Avatar
    The Archos 70 and 101 coming out this week and next are sounding very promising for this.
    11-02-2010 08:32 PM
  8. rap1's Avatar
    I want something similar but I've decided to go for something that is smaller. I want to be able to carry it in a pocket. I basically want a smart phone minus the phone.
    11-02-2010 08:35 PM
  9. ace_spades's Avatar
    Add dual boot with windows like the view sonic

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    11-02-2010 08:52 PM
  10. whippingboy's Avatar
    I want an 8 or 8.5". After looking at Nook Color and Galaxy Tab- 7" is too small, 10" (ipad/Viewsonic) often too heavy.

    Sad thing is no one can seem to get flash and video codecs working as good as a netbook or a laptop for whatever reason...and yet on EVO I've seen very few problems... ?
    11-22-2010 07:47 PM