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    I've always been in the market for a good Android tablet. I'm starting to get to closer to deciding which one to buy. The Galaxy Tab is the perfect size but, I'm not a fan of TouchWiz meaning the Galaxy Tab would be a last resort. And I was wondering if there are any other good tablets that I haven't heard about. All help is appreciated.

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    10-10-2010 11:34 AM
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    in regards to the Tablet--and taking it further--
    are you willing to pay for a Galaxy tablet and incur the monthly charges by your carrier?

    or are you also considering/looking @ wifi only versions?

    personally i'm not going anywhere near a contract-Tablet, as my Evo is already large enough. i'd simply purchase a wifi enabled Tablet, tether to my Evo, and be happy surfing the web/watching netflix (thereby negating the need for a ridiculously priced data plan on the Tablet)
    10-13-2010 03:44 PM
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    I've got to say, before I really had a chance to use TouchWiz, meaning I'd only played around a little on my friends Captivate, I really didn't like TW, but after having the Fascinate for a couple of weeks I can honestly say that it's not bad. I actually like it better than sense & "ninjablur" or whatever they are calling it, and I've had both the DroidX and the Incredible.
    10-14-2010 12:35 AM
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    It would be have to be WiFi only as I'm only a teenager

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    10-16-2010 01:37 PM