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    Hello. I have this very inexpensive android tablet. I have both Chrome AND Firefox on it, both optioned for Google search. Now on the tablet's HOME page, in the margin I can also search using VOICE SEARCH with this little Microphone Icon, that also uses GOOGLE SEARCH. But if I click on the Magnifying Glass search little icon, it uses v9.com search, which many consider to be malware, or spyware. I have RESET the unit twice the second time not allowing it to restore anything from BACKUP, but right off the bat, checking that Magnifying glass search tool, V9 is still there. How or can I even get rid of it>>>TIA, anyone :-)
    03-30-2016 01:58 PM
  2. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    If it wasn't there before and survived 2 resets, the malware has installed itself as a system app. This means you will have to find and flash the exact firmware for your device or possibly root it to then remove the app
    03-30-2016 03:37 PM
  3. shkarst's Avatar
    Sorry, but your reply is way beyond my pay grade of understanding>>LOL. I have checked the APPs under settings, and can not find such an APP. I have also run Avast Mobile Security, which is real fast AND Malwarebytes that is slow and intensive, and nothing was found on my tablet.

    I am beginning to think that since the Nobis is made in China, they purposely did build them with this CHINESE company search engine in THAT search Tool (That magnifying glass). Everywhere else, Google Search is used, in Chrome & FF Browser, AND in VOICE search (That Microphone search tool.
    03-30-2016 08:50 PM

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