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    Seeing as ive been using the P40 Pro for a few months now i thought id answer a question i get asked a lot from people i work with.

    Do i miss GMS?

    Honestly, yes, a little bit.

    But i think its more to do with what i got used to before and am kind of starting a new eco-system of Huawei stuff.

    The only things im missing is Imgur (not Google), Barclays (Not Google) and Google Photos (Google)

    Other than that its not super different but i also feel like its a progressive journey for Huawei too to build their App Gallery and ecosystem in the UK so im not fussed about waiting.

    I started using OnePlus when they had crap cameras and didnt mind.
    I used Samsung when they had the worst RAM and speed on the market
    I used HTC when they had no storage.

    Eaxh one of those companies got better.
    09-18-2020 09:57 AM

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