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    I have a Huawei Honor 3c Phone. Its dual Sim Phone. My prob is that Mobile data wouldn't connect to the internet thought it shows H/E/H+ (Without the upward/downward indicators aglow - which clearly means there is no request/response from the phone); This problem however occurs at regular intervals, that is, i'm able to connect to internet only at a certain time in morning and a certain time in the night. I had tried to restart, remove the battery for about 30 secs, switching on flight mode and then turning it off, nothing seems to work. I wonder if its a network issue or a phone settings issue. Similar question as posted for a Samsung S4 device but the solutions provided there didn't work for me. Appreciate you response!!
    11-09-2015 06:07 AM
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    Hey man that's very simple. You just need to follow the steps:- setting->more (in wireless and network settings)-> mobile networks -> sim1/sim2 -> preferred network - chose wcdma for 3g or gsm for 2 g
    12-13-2015 09:00 PM

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