1. Hartske's Avatar
    Im looking to get a case for my Raven. I don't really like the cases specifically made for the Raven. Does anyone know if there's another phone model that is similar where a case for it would work for my Raven? To clarify, I mean like (hypothetically) getting a galaxy case and putting my Raven in it.

    Edit: Soo, browsing through iPhone cases, the shape looks similar, camera looks about the right size. Anyone know if those would work? Answer to the edited in question: no.

    Edit:edit: Reason I'm not happy with the selection of cases I've been able to find that are specifically for the Raven, I'm looking for a case that's not just a flat color, I want it to have some design on it similar to the kind of cases you can find for iphones and galaxies at redbubble
    04-28-2016 12:33 AM
  2. SophiaPetrillo's Avatar
    I don't think that would work. The volume and power buttons are in different positions, and the speaker is on the back of the Raven. No one is stopping you from trying, so do as you must. Amazon seems to have a good selection of cases, so maybe check them out too.
    04-28-2016 01:04 AM
  3. Hartske's Avatar
    Yea I just started looking at the physical dimensions of the phones in question and the closest was like 4mm difference in size.
    04-28-2016 01:06 AM

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