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    So I am totally puzzled and hope that someone here might know the fix.

    I have the Ascend Mate 2 (which I really enjoy ) and decided to upgrade from I think it was 4.3 to Andriod 5.1 via the Huawei website. All went perfectly normal, and still is normal - except for one thing.

    It won't stream or mirror to my television.

    So here is a little background. It is the unlocked Ascend Mate 2, Andriod 5.1 EMUI 3.1, build MT2-L03c00B322. 2.0 GB RAM.

    When it was 4.3, I streamed perfectly to the television using RK Anycast, ROKU and FireStick TV. Just set it up like normal, clicked on the display, it connected to the device I wanted to use and - off into movie-land I went (I have unlimited streaming data).

    So I wanted to upgrade my phone so I could use various other apps that needed a higher version.

    Did the normal upgrade via Huawei website and took just a couple minutes, no issues and all loaded all running like usual. So now here it is a few days later, and I am finally nearly done installing all my normal apps and backed-up/restored texts and calls etc. So I thought, let me stream a movie (I use the term streaming and mirroring to mean the same thing) from my phone to my TV so I can relax.

    I do the normal, pull down from the top, and bring up the "multi-screen" option. And I see the RK Anycast device listed, I hit connect, it does connect, I see my cellphone mirrored on the TV like normal, I go to any app - Netflix, YouTube, Prime etc., that loads like normal....but when I hit play....it plays for about three seconds, then just totally hangs. Stops playing, the picture just stays on the TV screen without moving at all. So i have to close the program.

    So I test this out with my Firestick and my Roku, does the same exact thing for them. Looks normal, connects like normal, I go to hit play it runs for about two seconds then just totally stalls and hangs.

    I have no idea what the problem is...but seems almost like....maybe there is a certain setting for Andriod 5.1 that needs to be changed that I am not aware of?

    Like I said I am just puzzled since I know it worked perfectly when I had Andriod 4.3 on it.

    And get this - a saved video I physically on my cellphone - that streams to the TV without hanging or lagging, it runs like normal.

    Thanks for any ideas and hints....!!!
    06-23-2017 12:15 PM

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