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    Hi I am Rupesh from India and I has seen the specifications of one smartphone ie., lg q7+tm and its part number is lg-Q610TA-q7-plus-t-mobile.

    I want to buy this smartphone as it highly suits for my daily needs and also affordable. I searched web a lot for the features I need but not found except this smartphone.

    The issue is when I click the buy button on the specifications page of this smartphone the page is redirected to T-Mobile website.

    In T-Mobile website when I click add to cart it is showing currency in us dollars and not Indian currency.

    Is there any place where I can buy this smartphone online or store.

    If you want to see the specifications or details of the specifications I have selected please search for the following word only without any mistake otherwise you may be visited to webpage of another smartphone.


    06-11-2019 02:37 AM

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