1. Casualballer's Avatar
    I went in Amazon and found a bunch of cases that said they were only for the the 4g variant. I assume something is structurally different. Anyone know anything about this? Also, any place for quality cases for this phone that's not amazin/best buy/target /walmart5because all of those were busts
    07-28-2020 01:55 AM
  2. bh7171's Avatar
    The power and volume rockers are lower on the 5G version. They are different.
    08-13-2020 09:58 AM
  3. OhAlfie's Avatar
    I bought my A71 5G case on Amazon. I did order 1 or 2 cases on Amazon that claimed they were for 5G TMO, but buttons didn't match.
    09-22-2020 05:39 PM

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